Non-Political and Non-Discriminatory

One cardinal principle of the Academy is that it shall not be political or discriminatory in its activities or membership. One must constantly bear in mind that the Academy of Commercial and Consumer Law is not an organization of nations, but rather of scholars bonded together with common issues and common intensity of scholarship. Just as the Olympics for many years took athletes in the world competition regardless of the nature of their government or its actions, the same should hold true in the world of scholarship and the Academy. In addition, there must be no discrimination against any possible members on the basis of religion, race, nationality, gender, age or any other invidious basis. In regard to age, some of the members are emeritus status at their universities.

Worldwide Representation

The principle of worldwide representation is a key one for the Academy. One benefit of the Academy is that in its own small way the Academy may contribute to better international understanding and goodwill. It is recognized by the Academy that many problems of Commercial and Consumer Law are faced throughout the world and are not isolated topics found only in a single country. In this regard, membership has been extended to experts in various countries throughout the world. Most major commercial countries are represented in the Academy.