Our Skills & Expertise

The major purpose of the organization is the encouragement of the exchange of ideas which can take place in several ways. One is through the holding of an international meeting of the members every two years. At these meetings, some of the most current problems, most recent developments, and future trends are discussed. Papers are presented by some members, followed by vigorous discussions. These papers are later published and may be found in law libraries throughout the world. Another is through correspondence and conversation between members in various countries, whenever it is desirable and convenient for them. If a member plans to travel in another country, he/she may contact a member in that country. If it is mutually convenient and desirable, they may meet with each other and discuss various developments in their field. Such circumstances ensure that no member incurs any obligations in terms of time and expenses, but is encouraged to share ideas with other members.

Another purpose of the Academy is to recognize persons in various countries who have achieved renown in their fields through research, writing of books, major articles, teaching and law reform. In the world of academia and legal research, there is a relatively small amount of recognition of scholars in relation to the vast time and energies that go into such scholarship. It is more fitting that recognition through membership in the Academy be accorded to these persons who have so excelled and gained recognition nationally or even internationally.