The International Academy of Commercial and Consumer Law is composed of more than hundred specially selected leading scholars from throughout the world. The purpose is the global exchange of ideas; it has been fulfilled for nearly four decades and continues today.

Although there have been some important commercial and consumer law conferences and groups, until now there had not been an appropriate overall network or organization for the exchange of ideas on an international basis by those with expertise and scholarship in this field. The Academy of Commercial and Consumer Law was formed in the early 1980's. Invitations were issued to a limited number of leading commercial and consumer law scholars in various countries throughout the world in 1981 and 1982. Before the end of 1982, the Academy was a viable entity; its establishment marked a new era in the exchange of ideas. In 1983, it was formally organized during its first conference in Mexico City, Mexico and those attending were founding members. By 2017, it had established an enviable record of conferences, published articles and books by members as well as publication of papers presented at the conferences, various centers established by some members, major national and international law reforms, and scholarly evaluations for future developments.

Istanbul Conference, 2014